Row by row we can help redevelop African Health and Education from village to village


“Aseya” seems to be a popular word in many cultures. Wonderfully, in all cultures ASEYA has divine connotations. For instance, in some cultures in Asia “Aseya” is the name given to their divine book and means the same as “Bible” or a Divine book. To the Efutu (a branch of the Guan peoples) of Ghana, West Africa, Aseya loosely translates as “trust res,” or a bailment, or something or someplace of entrustment for the benefit of another. Thus, to us as an organization, our name is translatable as an African Foundation or an African Trust whose funds are intended to help improve the living standards of beneficiary societies in rural towns and villages in Africa through the provision or rehabilitation of health and medical facilities.


The goal of Aseya Africa, Inc. is to assist build or rehabilitate educational and health structures and facilities in rural towns and villages in Africa that will allow the youth and people of Africa to pursue schooling free of climatic vagaries while affording African youth meaningful service and career opportunities as well as exposure to other cultures and lifestyles.

Aseya Africa is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization establised for the purpose of contributing toward redeveloping education and health care in African villages and rural towns.

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